In the UK alone, we generate around 177 million tonnes of waste every year, resulting in expansive landfills and damage to the environment. AHD Plant Ltd remove many types of waste from large scale industrial projects to smaller domestic applications. We have the experience and know-how to remove and recycle materials such as builder’s rubble, concrete, soil and tarmac to name but a few, creating a cleaner and healthier environment.

Benefits of recycling your waste

We understand how much waste building projects and industrial scale work can produce, and finding an easy recycling solution can result in significant savings.

The benefits of recycling include:

  • Reducing landfill
  • Current savings of 18 million tons of CO2
  • Conservation of important raw materials

Waste management is something we all need to think about, which is why AHD Plant Ltd are helping projects all over the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area become more eco-friendly.

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