Grab hire is affordable, quick and effective. With a grab truck, large amounts of waste material can be removed from a garden or site within minutes. It can be a really convenient, quick and easy way to dispose of waste materials.

But the question is: Who would need this service?


Grab Hire Services for DIY Home Renovation Enthusiasts

DIY home improvements are always growing in popularity and it is not surprising. After all, people want to be proud of where they live and make their home a lovely place to be. Inevitably to do this, they may need to make some changes that require a little more than rearranging the furniture and knocking up a few shelves.

Home improvements can span from a lick of paint in the spare room to resurfacing the driveway, building a small extension to laying a new patio. This can have a major impact on your home’s appearance. Projects of this scale are going to generate a lot of waste, and what better way to remove it all quickly and painlessly than with a grab truck?

Performing renovations on your home’s surroundings often requires heavy materials. But there is no need to stress about this because a grab hire service can handle the heavy lifting – from a load of gravel for your new driveway to removing the old concrete patio rubble grab hire services can be very efficient.


Grab Hire Services for Gardeners

If you’re not renovating your home, you’re redesigning your garden, maybe a spot of landscaping or laying foundations for a new path.

If you’re building a new pond, laying some pretty artificial grass, creating garden paths or many other landscaping projects, you will need varying amounts of heavy materials to get the job done. Not to mention that there will be lots of dirt and other general garden waste that will need to be removed in the process.

Hiring a grab truck means that all the heavy lifting of the materials you need is done effortlessly and delivered to your doorstep, plus all of the excess waste you don’t need is removed and taken away almost instantly.

Most importantly: Almost all of the waste collected from a garden can be recycled and reused for other projects, so the “waste” is not wasted. Our grab trucks can take your waste the materials straight to a recycling plant.


Grab Hire Services for The Self-Employed

Self-employment and handyman work is the way many of us make a living. The amount of labour-intensive tradespeople, gig economy and businesses has increased in the recent years to fuel that dream. Businesses like scrap metal recovery, builders, and landscape gardeners are at the top of the list.

All of the industries above need grab trucks in one way or another.

  • How will the scrap metal recovery industry collect scrap metal? Grab hire.
  • How can builders effectively remove their waste materials? Grab hire.
  • How will the landscape gardeners receive enough topsoil for their project? You guessed it, grab hire.

With the AHD Plant Ltd grab hire service, our qualified driver operators will move the materials from their containers and place them wherever you choose.

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