When working on an excavation project, hiring a mini digger can offer a practical solution for digging and shifting heavy loads back and forth. In small scale cases this can be done with a bit of elbow grease and a spade, however if you’re project is too big for this why not hire a digger? It can have your project done in less than half the time and save you considerable exertion.

If you decide you do require a mini digger to assist you in completing your excavation project, here are some tips for you to consider. This handy guide will help you to save valuable time and money.

Choose local

Our first tip when choosing where to hire your mini digger from, is to choose a company that you know covers your local area. It will come as no surprise that the further the mini digger has to be delivered, the more money you will have to pay for it. The more shrewd DIY folks will do their homework and choose a local, but reputable, mini digger hire company to save money and time waiting for delivery. Delivery fees are usually calculated by the distance in miles that the mini digger has to be delivered across.

Hiring the correct size and time length

It is essential that you choose the right size mini digger for the job. While it can be tempting to opt for the biggest and most powerful mini digger, this is not always the most cost effective option. For instance a micro digger might be the more sensible choice if it is just a small rough area at the end of your garden that you need help with digging in to. However if you are redoing your whole garden, perhaps something larger would be necessary for you to get the project completed.

Once you have chosen which size mini digger you require, you then have to decide how long you want to hire the digger for. Most companies charge per day on top of the delivery fees, so it can seem more appealing from a cost cutting point of view to underestimate how long you will need to hire the digger for. However, we advise that if you’re unsure how long the project will take, choose to hire the digger for one extra day rather than one less. Not only will this alleviate some of the pressure for you in terms of time constraints, it can potentially save you money because if you then have to get the digger back again, you will have to pay the delivery costs again. It is more cost effective to get it done all in one go.

Choosing to hire a mini digger operator

Though driving a mini digger around your garden may make you feel like a kid playing with a brand new toy again, the reality is that they are more difficult to operate than you might think. It can take quite a bit of practice to get to a level where you can use the mini digger efficiently. If you need a job doing fast it is therefore sometimes wise to choose to pay for an operator too. Skilled drivers will complete the job quicker and to a higher standard than an amateur. They will also most likely offer friendly advice, such as suggestions for improvements, because they will be very familiar with similar projects to your own. It may even be the case that you save more money by hiring a mini digger + operator, than hiring just a mini digger. This is because you might take an extra day just getting used to driving the mini digger yourself.

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