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Need large amounts of waste removed in Nottingham or Mansfield? We have just added a brand new 8 wheeler grab lorry to our impressive grab hire fleet. It can carry 16-17 tons of waste and has multiple crane attachments, making it adaptable for all different types of waste. So whatever your waste removal needs are, look no further than AHD Plant Ltd for a quick, reliable and affordable grab hire service.

Grab hire provides a fast and affordable way to dispose of large amounts of waste. It is particularly convenient in cases where access to a site is limited, or where it is not practical to have a skip.

If you would like to know more about grab hire and how it works, we have answered some commonly asked questions for you below.

Grab Hire FAQ’s

What Is Grab Hire?
Grab hire is a convenient and low cost way to remove large amounts of waste. Grab lorries can clear waste quickly from tricky to reach areas using an attached hydraulic arm. The waste is then loaded onto the back of the grab lorry and taken away to be disposed of.

Who Uses Grab Hire?
Typically grab hire is used to dispose of large amounts of waste from commercial projects. However it can also be ideal for domestic purposes too, where a skip is not practical. The hydraulic arm allows waste to be removed from tight areas, and also does not require the manpower of tipping heavy waste into a skip with a wheelbarrow etc.

What materials Can Grab Lorries remove?
Grab lorries are adaptable and can remove many different types of waste. Some of the most common materials that we come across are: brick, soil, concrete and green waste.

How Much Weight Can a Grab Lorry Hold?
8 wheeler grab lorries can carry an impressive 16-17 tons of waste. This allows substantial amounts of waste to be removed in one go, which wastes less of your time.

Can a Grab Lorry Arm Reach Over a Wall?
Yes – Provided the driver can position the grab lorry suitably, the hydraulic arm can reach over a wall to pick up waste. Some lorries can reach as far as 8 metres.

Where Should I Leave My Waste For it to be Removed?
Try and put your waste to be collected in the most accessible/open space possible, away from tree branches or cables. This will allow the grab hire operator to remove the waste as quickly as possible.

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If you have any more questions, or you feel you could benefit from a professional and reliable grab hire service, AHD Plant Ltd will be happy to help. We provide fast and reliable grab hire in Nottingham and Mansfield. Browse our website for more information or call us on: 01623 362 068