What is grab hire?

Grab hire vehicles are typically used to remove large volumes of waste produced from construction or landscaping projects. They are often a less costly alternative to skips and do not require local authority permits. The waste is loaded onto the vehicle by an onboard hydraulic arm which carries a clamshell (grab) attachment. The arms typically have a 7-8 metre reach which means they are able to access material on the other side of a fence or wall from the roadside.

The hydraulic arm or ‘grab arm’ as it is otherwise known, deposits the contents of the clamshell bucket into the tipper body of the truck carrying approximately 17 tonnes per load. Each grab truck is accompanied by a qualified and experienced driver who will take full responsibility for the loading and removal of your waste materials. No heavy lifting is required so it’s an speedy and efficient way to shift that unwanted muck and mess.

When to choose grab hire?

Landscaping: When you’re excavating foundations for a new garden, path, or driveway or digging out for a pool or pond, there will be a lot of waste that needs removing from site before you can start laying the new surfaces. Sometimes the areas have limited access, luckily these restrictions aren’t an issue for a grab hire truck.

Building waste: Grab hire trucks have revolutionised the ease of removal of waste rubble and construction materials. Heavy and cumbersome manual labour isn’t required in order to get these materials off site and disposed of correctly.

Delivery & pickup in one fell swoop

Grab hire trucks are perfect for carrying away a wide range of materials – soil, concrete, bricks, clay and green waste. However, these sturdy trucks don’t stop at waste removal. Maybe you are redoing your driveway and require a large amount of stone or gravel?

Perhaps your new garden design needs a large amount of topsoil? Grab trucks deliver soil, sand, gravel, premium topsoil, and other materials in loose loads.

Using a grab hire truck means that there’s no need to make 5 or 6 trips just to get enough sand or gravel for your project. Just make the call, pay for the load and have everything your project needs delivered to your door.

Grab lorry or skip – you choose:

If the skip needs to be situated on the road outside your house you will need a local authority permit which will involve extra cost.

An empty or part-loaded skip can easily be filled with other people’s rubbish without your permission.

You may have to wait for delivery/collection of the skip for a couple of days leaving an unsightly mess outside your property. Call us first thing in the morning and we can often deliver/collect that day.

As our grab lorries are limited to what we collect we often recycle materials which means it’s better for the environment and a reasonable cost to our customers.

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