Hiring a skip could be the perfect waste removal option for certain situations. A prime example would be a thorough home clear-out. You’re guaranteed to find items you just want to get rid of as you rummage through old stuff. You could end up with more waste than you expected, and taking 10 back-and-forth trips to the local disposal depot isn’t the best idea.

Both grab hire and skip hire services can help you. But which is better? You may not need as much space as a grab truck offers, and hiring a skip may sound like a good idea. But have you thought about where the skip is going to go? Do you have a permit?

A lot of factors must be considered when hiring a waste removal service, especially if the waste items you want to remove are bulky, heavy and big.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before picking up the phone:


If I ask for a permit, will I get one?

To allow a skip on your premises, you need to ask your local council for permission.

The permit ensures the skip won’t be in the way of traffic and won’t cause any disruption. Having your permit request declined, however, can be problematic for your waste removal. Unless, of course, you choose a grab hire service to remove your waste.

Grab hire trucks don’t need permits, thanks to their average turnaround time of 30 minutes. A grab hire truck turns up with a fully qualified operator, collects the waste, and leaves swiftly. If any disruption should occur occur, it will be short-lived and soon forgotten.


Do I Want To Spend Valuable Time Lifting Waste?

Keep in mind that using a skip will require a good chunk of manual labour. The only way to move waste into the container is by carrying it, or by using a shovel or wheelbarrow.

A few minutes of heavy lifting and manual labor may not be an issue for smaller projects. But for larger projects, you don’t want to spend hours hauling rubble and waste or shovelling dirt into a skip. Your time is precious, and we are sure you have better things to do with it.

With grab hire you have the hydraulic arm to help you out. No need to lift heavy objects or get aches and pains from shovelling. The grab’s arm can do all these for you, so you can spend your time on things that do matter.


How Quickly Do I Want My Waste Removed?

The fastest and most efficient way is often the best. And a grab truck can get rid of your unwanted pile of waste fast. With an average turnaround time of 30 minutes, grab hire is a faster waste removal service than skip hire.

But that’s not all: Grabs hire trucks can carry a lot more waste than skips. A grab hire lorry, on average, can hold as much as 3 times more waste than a standard skip. If you had 10 tonnes of waste waiting for removal, you’d need at least 2 skips. But you would only need one grab truck.

So for speed and efficiency, grab hire is the obvious choice.


Where Will I Put The Waste While I’m Working?

A valid question! After all, waste removal services have limitations.

Skips, for example, are large and heavy. Once they’re put in place, skips are extremely hard to move. So if you put one in the front garden but want to build a pond in the back, you’re creating extra work for yourself.

Grab hire trucks, however, are very agile and versatile. A grab hire vehicle can drive around to the side or back of your home with ease and even reach over a garden wall to pick things up. The strong hydraulic arm is handy for reaching inaccessible areas, able to stretch over the fence or wall to collect waste no problem.


Am I Working On A Domestic Or Commercial Project?

Skips and grab trucks can remove waste from both domestic and commercial sites.

For domestic use a skip may well be the better choice, especially if you know you won’t have a lot of waste to remove but perhaps the project will last for a week or two.

You can leave the skip in your garden, dump waste into it when needed, and get it removed at the end of the project.

But please take note: A skip requires a permit, and not everyone is granted one, this is often a stumbling block for many people.

If you don’t want to risk getting rejected for a permit, grab hire is the one for you. If you can find a suitable place to put your waste while working, a grab truck can come and quickly collect it whenever you are ready for it to be removed.

Aso be aware that grab hire trucks have bigger storage and can collect waste much faster than skips. So for commercial use, grabs are the clear winner more often than not.

For commercial projects like building sites, demolitions that produce a lot of waste. The amount of waste may require 2 or more trucks – which is the equivalent of 6 skips. Clearly, grab hire is the easiest and more efficient and cost-effective option.



Skips and grab hire services clearly have the same purpose – to remove waste. Both have distinct advantages depending on the needs of your project. But while the two are similar in many ways, skips and grabs have big differences.

Not only does a grab truck remove more waste than a skip. But it also does the job faster and more efficiently while minimizing disruption, with no need for complicated permit applications.

The hydraulic arm plays a major role in the overall effectiveness of a grab hire vehicle. The arm allows the trucks to reach otherwise inaccessible areas when removing waste, making your life a lot easier.

The combination of a versatile grab arm and a large container also means these trucks can deliver and remove materials – something a skip cannot do.

So, whether you need tonnes of material delivered to your door, or you need tonnes of material removed, the obvious and best choice is grab hire.

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